Athletics & Co-Curriculars


Strategy and Video Gaming Club

Hosts Eighth Annual ExtraLife Marathon for CHOP

The Strategy and Video Gaming Clubs’ annual Extra-Life 24-Hour Gaming Marathon was a huge success, raising $5,395 for CHOP, the largest amount raised yet. This year, 15 students participated, with 12 staying for the full 24 hours.

In addition, five club alumni came by: Felipe-Utreras Castro, Jacob Whitman, Jordan Busza, Mac Soulsby, and Josh Crawford (Felipe and Jacob stayed for the full 24 hours!).

Big thanks to club moderator Chris Desimone for his work in organizing and staffing the event as well as Jason Zazyczny, Scott Hibbs, Gina Gulli, Bryan Ghee, and Josh Rorer for joining in on the event helping make it all possible, as well as the staff who provided security and room setup. And thank you to all who donated to CHOP and helped make this great cause the success that it was.

Cape and Sword Drama Society

“How to Succeed In Business without Really Trying” Makes Record-Setting Fourth Appearance on Prep Stage

The Cape and Sword Drama Society completed its season with seven amazing performances of “How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” this May, marking a record fourth time for the show to be produced at the Prep. Starring Paddy May ’24 as J. Pierrepont Finch and Will Vokolos ’25 as J. B. Biggley, the show takes a satirical look at the business world in the 1960s. The 20-plus Prep students in the cast and crew were joined by women from five different high schools.

“This spring, I celebrate my 30th year (and 60th production!) as Director of Dramatics at the Prep,” says Prep legend Tony Braithwaite ’89. “‘How to Succeed…’ was the ideal show for this slot, as it broke the record: no other title has ever been produced here more than 3 times since 1851. H2$ was also the biggest show we have done in years (from a costume, props, sets, and lights perspective) and as such it allowed us to harness the full capabilities of the newly renovated theatre.”

The show’s history at the Prep: 1991 (directed by Mr. Joe Griffin, starring Matt Pierlott ’93), 1997 (directed by Tony Braithwaite and starring Chris Heuisler ’97), 2007 (directed by Braithwaite and starring Jake Braithwaite ’07).


The Prep Mathletes Team had an outstanding year, finishing undefeated in the regular season and second at the Catholic League championships. Led by Alex Troung ’25, Niko Render ’25, and senior captain Sion Yap ’24, the Prep w dominant. In the final regular season match, the Prep A team finished first and the B team finished second ahead of all of the other varsity teams.

“That is an incredible statement on how deep and good our team is,” says Mr. Greg Camma, co-coach of the team. “To have a B team finish second rarely happens but we have two excellent teams of five.”

The Prep finished first in the Central Division. Co-coach Ms. Kathleen Hennessy joined the squad this year, her first at the Prep, and is impressed by the students. “They are self-motivated and really hungry for more in math,” she says. “We tell them the topic and let them go. They are truly elite.”


Tennis PCL District Champs

Tennis after winning the PCL Championship over La Salle.

Prep Tennis won the Catholic League and PIAA District 12 title for the fourth straight year. Also the program won the PCL, PIAA D12, D12 Singles (Peter Bae ’24), and the D12 Doubles (1st, Connor Kryst ’24 and Sam Seneca ’24) Championships for the first time in school history.

The Prep beat La Salle 3-1 in the PCLs and Central 3-2 to clinch the district title.

Crew Dominates Stotesbury Regatta

Sweeps for Second Straight Year

Senior 8+ on the Medal Stand at Stotesbury Regatta

St. Joseph’s Prep Crew annually sets its sights on success at the Stotesbury Regatta, the annual race that brings together hundreds of high school crews from across the US and Canada. After all, the Schuylkill River is the Prep’s home and Gillin Boathouse is the only one directly on the race course.

The Prep swept all the boys eights: Boys Senior 8+, Second 8+, Junior 8+, and Freshman 8+. This is the fourth time this has been done (all by the Prep) and first time it happened in consecutive years. It is also the first time anyone has swept the eights and won a four-event on top of that as the Prep’s junior 4+ won as well. On top of all of that, the Prep entered all eight boys sweep events and in each of those events the Prep either won or got a medal, a feat that has never happened in the regatta’s 97 years.

With the senior 8’s win this weekend, the Prep has now won the Edward T. Stotesbury Cup 15 times, more than any other school. The Prep was previously tied with Washington & Lee.