SPRING 2023 Issue

Outcomes of a Prep Education

How Prep Alumni and Students Animate Ignatian Values

In This Issue

  • Outcomes of a Prep Education
  • Inaugural Inductees Into the Hall of Excellence
  • Phase 2 of Villiger Hall Reimagination
  • Learning Services Supporting Student Success




The Gift that is Meant to Be Returned: Financial Aid

You were probably one of the majority of students who received financial aid making your Prep education possible. Keep the blessing alive by giving the same opportunity to a potential student at the Prep. The need for financial aid has never been greater, and your gift can change a student’s life. Help us prepare the next generation of leaders, innovators, advocates and change makers by making a gift to the Prep Fund today.


Outcomes of a Prep Education

How Prep Alumni and Students Animate Ignatian Values

Earlier this spring, we brought four alumni who work in service industries (clergy, medicine, first responder, public service) and a current student to discuss how the Prep influenced their lives. This roundtable intends to look at how that happened in the lives of several alumni as well as a current student.

Inaugural Inductees into Hall of Excellence

On April 27, St. Joseph’s Prep Hall of Excellence’s first 15 inductees were celebrated at an event on campus.

Faculty & Student Profiles Spring 2023

Community Profiles

Michael Dougherty ’93
Isaiah Littlejohn ’24

Learning Services

Maximizing the Prep Advantage

Kevin Gregorio and the Office of Learning Services collaborate with faculty & staff to develop effective instructional methods from which all students benefit.

Campaign Update

For Others Forever Moves to  Phase II of Villiger Hall Reimagination



Ronan Kelly: Caring for Our Common Home

In each issue of The Prep News, we ask someone in our community to write a reflection. The Prep has been working on focusing on the Society of Jesus’ Universal Apostolic Preferences: Showing the Way to God, Walking with the Excluded, Journeying with Youth, and Caring for our Common Home.

In this issue, Science Teacher Ronan Kelly talks about the work he and the Environmental Science Club have been doing to take care of natural resources throughout the Philadelphia area.

School News

Living Cura Personalis

Athletics and Co-Curriculars

An education at St. Joseph’s Preparatory School is based on cura personalis, the Latin phrase for “care for the (individual) person.” Our educators establish a personal relationship with students and adapt their teaching to each individual while encouraging them toward personal growth and challenging them to find excellence in all areas while finding God in all things.

In This Article:

  • Cape and Sword
  • Football Wins State Championship
  • Wrestling at States
  • Swimming at States
  • New Trainer

Birds of Pray

Mission Month Focuses on Community

Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month. This year, the Prep celebrated its history, noting the first women on the faculty while also honoring those women who continue to make teaching young men at 17th & Girard their vocation.

Prep Nation Gatherings

Annual Prep Nation events held in March 2023, including the Communion Breakfast and the Mother’s Club Fashion show.

In This Article:

  • Communion Breakfast
  • Fashion Show

Faculty & Staff Notes

Exciting updates from Prep faculty & staff.